Visit Maine by Jim Julia, President

Eight times a year, visitors travel from all over North America and various parts of the world to attend nationally and internationally recognized auctions at James D. Julia Auction House in Fairfield, Maine. The diverse offering of quality antiques, fair and honest representation, the excitement and thrill of participating live is what continually draws these bidders. Over the years however, a number of visitors have found reasons to extend their stay. Some have even relocated. Maine has tremendous wealth of offerings. Mountain vistas, breathtaking ocean views, over 2500 lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams teaming with many species of sport fish including the renowned Eastern Maine brook trout and Land lock salmon. For well over 150 years now, drawn by the beauty, the hunting, the fishing, the hiking, and in general, the extraordinary opportunity for those experiences; travelers from all over North America and the world have made Maine a destination spot to visit. Why not consider extending your stay next time you visit us for one of our special auctions? Here is a small sampling of some of our favorite spots and destinations.

Jim Julia