The Finest Confederate Revolver Collection Ever Assembled – The Don and Kathlee Bryan Collection.

In the annals of U.S. historical firearms collecting the most elusive category has been Confederate made revolvers. Mr. Donald Bryan has always been enthralled and intrigued with the history of these arms. They were used in conflict in our nation, when sometimes neighbors and even brothers were in opposition to each other. Additionally, Confederate guns were produced in such limited quantities, under such trying conditions and with such limited resources. The South did not have the material resources or the manpower which the North had, and they weren’t industrialized to the extent the North was. Only about 7500 in total were manufactured in the south during the entire war (Colt produced in excess of 20,000 revolvers in a single month).

One almost never discovers a Confederate revolver in the outstanding condition like you frequently find Colts or Remingtons, as these rare Confederate survivors, much like their owners, had a tough existence and suffered tremendous hardship. Certainly one of the many factors which spiked Don’s interest in history and specifically interest in Confederate arms was the fact that an ancestor of his was a member of Mead’s Regiment of Partisan Rangers, C.S.A.

From the beginning, Mr. Bryan made a goal not to just put together a comprehensive collection but to source and select only the finest examples that could be had. His interest and passion for antique firearms began early on and evolved over a period of time. His tastes included early flint and percussion Martial arms, Colt SAAs, rare Civil War carbines, but most significant of all his many holdings are his Confederate revolvers. This collection is acknowledged by serious Confederate collectors and historians, as the finest collection of its type in existence. His Texas Confederate revolvers are par excellence, and represent the only complete set ever assembled.

Don has been an enthusiastic member in many collector organizations including the American Society of Arms Collectors, life member of the Ohio Gun Collectors Association, the Kentucky Rifle Association, the Ohio Valley Military Collectors Association, and Life Benefactor Member of the NRA.
The Bryan collection of superb confederate arms will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for serious collectors to acquire the best of the best.

We at Julia’s are extremely excited and also honored to be awarded this very special opportunity to present this truly extraordinary collection in our March 2016 Firearms Auction.