The Private and Personal Collection of Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt

The Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt Private Collection is being sold at James D. Julia Auctioneers in Fairfield, Maine on Monday, March 23rd, and it is truly a very special collection.

This auction consists of the private collection of Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt. The collection has been 60 years in the making and each object in the collection was personally selected by Dr. Wall-Apelt during her lifetime. In 1993, after purchasing the Yangtze River Collection of later Chinese jades, she placed them on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts at 255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, Florida where they were on display from February through August of that year.

Dr. Wall-Apelt continually expanded her collection throughout her life, driven by both her passion and her love for the Chinese culture. By the 1990s, her collection had expanded tremendously and the desire to share her collection with the world was a catalyst for the formation of the Museum of Asian Art in Sarasota, Florida. The Museum was a repository and a display for many of the wonderful Asian objects in Dr. Wall-Apelt’s collection. The examples selected by Dr. Wall-Apelt to be displayed at the museum were all loaned to the museum and always remained her personal property. After the closure of the Museum of Asian Art, Dr. Wall-Apelt removed her personal collection and now, today, we will be selling her collection at auction. This auction consists totally and solely of Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt’s personal collection. There are no additions from any other consignors or sources and these are all the personal property of Dr. Wall-Apelt.

Included in this lot as well in this auction is a pair of undecorated white jade palace style bowls. These beautiful late 18th century works of jade are estimated at $30-50,000. Another exquisite highlight from this magnificent collection is Lot 9, a table screen with longevity theme from the mid to late Qing Dynasty with meticulous carving on both sides, the screen carries a presale estimate of $20-30,000. Another fabulous jade object is Lot 22, a massive convoluted jade mountain from the late 18th/19th century. It is of an enormous and massive size, one that is rarely ever found in jade. Indeed to even find a piece of jade this large is rare. It measures nearly 24” by 14-3/4” and carries a presale estimate of $30-50,000. Lot 83 is an extremely rare pair of cast iron Buddhist lions. From the Ming period, they are in outstanding condition and are a true rarity. Iron objects of this vintage are tremendously rare. Over the centuries as the demand for metal increased, objects such as these were melted down, thus the survival of this magnificent pair is very special. Lot 93 is a massive gilt lacquer wood figure of Vairocana, 19th century or earlier. Gilt decorated with polychrome paint, it is huge in size, measuring 65-1/2” high and 45” wide. It is estimated at $40-60,000. Various stone antiquities, also part of her collection, including Lot 94, the carved stone plaque of Avalokiteshivara, NC Hou Dynasty. An image is depicted rising from a lotus flower; it measures 34” x 15” and is estimated at $20-30,000. One of the many bronze figures includes Lot 263, the gilt bronze standing figure of Manjushri, probably Nepal 17th century or earlier. It measures 13-1/2” high and carries a presale estimate of $20-30,000. This auction consists solely and completely of Dr. Wall-Apelt’s Personal Collection, there are no additions. Many or most of the featured items from this extraordinary collection from this auction will be on view at the Bohemian Hall in New York City, March 13th-17th. Lavish, detailed catalogs are available by contacting the auctioneers:

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