A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Many of you have commented to me over the past couple of years about the quality of our images and pictures in our catalogs, flyers and online. I thought you may be interested in learning about the process and how “the magic happens.”

Every single item that we offer for sale at our auctions comes to our facility in Fairfield, ME for cataloging and photography. Our catalogers inspect each item, and identify what images and pictures will provide the best information to potential bidders. Sometimes it is critical to identify a mark, an artist, a serial number, engraving or another critical detail. Sometimes it is designed to focus on the beautiful condition and color of the piece.

Each of these shots enters into our photography management system. This information is provided to our team of full-time photographers. We typically have four to six full time photography set-ups that are specifically designed to take different types of shots. The angles and lighting are absolutely critical, as is the consistency throughout the catalog. Our team of Jack, Jodie and Tracy take well over 100,000 images per year. As always, we don’t always get it right the first shot. We publish online or in print over 45,000 images every year!

These images are forwarded to our in-house graphics team, “the Lisas.” Lisa and Lisa will take these images and put together the catalogs and flyers that all of you see. Each of the images is reviewed to ensure it meets our quality standards, and then prepared for either print or electronic publication. Preparing to produce a catalog once the photography is completed typically takes more than a week.

If you are ever interested in bidding on an item at one of our auctions, and don’t see the exact picture you are looking for in the catalog or online, let us know. Our team of experts and photographers will take it for you, and publish it online for everyone else to see as well.