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SN 190. Cal. 8mm. 19-3/4″ bbl. Fresh to the market, this VERY low SN, Type E 1st Model FG-42 exhibits some pre-Type E features and was purchased by the current consignor as a DEWAT for a paltry sum from a Portsmouth, New Hampshire souvenir shop in April 1968 and held in his private collection until recent consignment to Julia’s. It includes an orig magazine, sling and bayonet. When originally purchased, the magazine base was broken and the magazine release lever and pin were missing. These were replaced with new made parts about 20 years ago. The rifle is otherwise all matching except for the bi-pod which is SN “497” and the bolt carrier which is SN “656”. This is quite a low number SN gun. This model and specimen would have been produced very late in 1943. These Type E guns have buttstocks made of thin pressed, smooth, sheet steel with butt welds visible, with the finish being a black enamel with blued bbl. This gun exhibits an early smooth pressed steel buttstock which is a holdover from an early pre “E” prototype. This early developmental model of the FG-42 is immediately recognizable with its angled hand grip which distinguishes it from the later 2nd Model. This weapon has been de-activated by plugging the chamber with weld and neatly welding all around the area where the bbl fits to the receiver. An accomplished gunsmith/machinist could carefully remove this weld and open up the chamber. Until this operation is done, there is no way of knowing whether the chamber is intact or not, but even in the worst case, a machinist could make an insert to replace the chamber. Often, the careful removal of the weld will result in the discovery that the chamber is just fine and needs no further work. The bolt face and other operating parts appear to be in good serviceable condition. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand, this weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4 as Curio and Relic eligible. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish extremely fine with about 75-80% black enamel finish on alloyed parts overall, with a much higher percentage of blued finish on the steel bbl. It is of extreme interest to note that the name “Hubler” is hand inscribed on the wooden forearm of this arm, no doubt the orig soldier’s personalization of his weapon to ensure that it did not get mixed up with somebody elses gun. There can be no doubt that the loss of finish to this rifle occurred during war time service. Black enamel finish almost completely worn away on either side of alloy handgrips with remainder in recessed areas and on back of grip frame. Consistent loss of finish at high edges. The wear pattern and loss of enamel paint is consistent with field use. Internal mechanism parts are clean and appear well cared for. Unable to determine condition of bore due to weld in the chamber. Wood forend has numerous dings, bruises and handling marks but is still completely serviceable. The extreme scarcity of early low SN FG-42 machine guns registered for private ownership as curio & relics essentially supersedes the minor consideration of having to go through the straight forward reactivation process and submission of a Form 1 to reactivate this weapon. The discerning collector needs to take note of the opportunity to acquire this landmark early model of the German paratroopers enigmatic and iconic machine gun from WWII. 51831-1 JWK (175,000-250,000) C&R – Lot 1699

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Auction: Firearms - April 2017
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