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SN 138. Cal. 7.65 mm Argentine. 28″ bbl. Absolutely tremendous 1898 Brass Maxim with all visible matching numbers except for extractor (74) and DWM 7.65 mm Argentine bbl (38 C) currently in gun. Booster is a faithful unmarked copy of a MG-08 booster. It is important to note that this lot also includes the original matching numbered (138) 7.65 Argentine copper washed barrel and original brass matching numbered muzzle bearing. Gun is mounted on an original Acland standard Argentine tripod SN 143. Accessories included are an original Zeis 2 x 12 optic SN 2902 in original leather case SN 2164, spare firing pin, and lock mainspring, 4 aluminum Turkish maxim belts, 3 non-tabbed cloth Vickers belts, and approximately 1300 rnds of live 7.65 mm Argentine rounds of berdan primed ammunition. A complete fine condition 5 volume set of “Ehinn” The Machine Gun Publication and one edition of collector grade “The Devil’s Paintbrush”. Also a framed photo of Hiram Maxim in front of a virtually identical maxim gun with his signature from a letter directly beneath. This gun must be one of the last Argentine contract guns to be supplied with a brass jacket and fusee cover. Brass plate affixed to top cover indicates this gun underwent conversion in 1909 for firing improved Spitzer ammunition. Conversion consisted of fitting a much shorter rear sight. The top of the trunnion underneath the feedblock is neatly stamped, “R W D / SALEM, VA”. This, together with the original deactivated barrel, and replaced extractor leads this cataloger to the conclusion that this gun was at one time a DEWAT (inactivated gun) which was reactivated by a known collector Richard (Dick) W. Davis. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand, this weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4 as Curio & Relic eligible. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is outstanding, original deep lusterous blue just starting to thin with some high edge wear. Brass has been polished at some point but lettering is clear on brass plates on top cover and fusee cover. Lettering is clear on backplate and water jacket as well. Top of feedblock has been polished a bit more and the “13” of the SN is much less distinct but still very discernible. Feedway shows very little use. Muzzle booster finish very good with actual muzzle finish thinned to a gray patina. Drainplug and cork hardware present at muzzle on reproduction brass chain, thumbpieces and cork not present. Fill plug very fine on reproduction chain. Bolt, cross-head and rails in extremely fine condition. Bore is very good with shiny lands getting somewhat dark in the grooves. Tripod extremely fine, matching numbers (143), with over 90% black painted finish on lags. Original leather seat serviceable, but flaking away. Optic is clear. Aluminum belts appear complete and serviceable as do cloth belts. Original deactivated barrel drilled through chamber horizontally with chamber heavily welded. Unable to discern condition of bore. With appropriate skilled effort this bbl could be restored to a firing condition. Of the relatively few brass Maxim guns on the collector market this is one of the very best. This is the one you have been looking for. If you have one already you should look at this one closely and consider upgrading. 51386-2 JWK (30,000-40,000) C&R – Lot 1698

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Auction: Firearms - April 2017
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