Consign With Us – Summer Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Auction

Fernando Botero “A Lawyer” (est. $125,000-175,000) | Sold for $150,750

Consign With Us – Summer Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Auction

Extremely Rare 12-Star Confederate 1st National Flag (est. $40,000-60,000) | Sold for $76,230

Consign With Us – Summer Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Auction

Eric Sloane “Sun and Barnwood” (est. $15,000-25,000) | Sold for $33,880

Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Division

One of James D. Julia’s most expansive divisions, this unit conducts two auctions per year and has an international reputation for excellence. With sales routinely grossing $3 million to $5 million per auction, this division has established numerous world and national records. With the growth and interest in the Asian Art market continuing to rise, Julia’s has taken a leadership position in this category by bringing on James Callahan, Antiques Roadshow regular and one of the top Asian Arts specialists in the country. This division normally handles complete estates and has individual items in almost any antique collectible category. Over the years, Julia’s has handled many extraordinary antiques, works of arts, and decorative items. Some highlights include:

Martin Johnson Heade (American, 1819-1904) Florida Pastoral
(Est: $300,000-500,000)
Sold for $359,000

Thomas Moran (American, 1837-1926) A Hillside Village at Sunset
(Est: $30,000-50,000)
Sold for $51,425

Hayley Lever (American, 1876-1958) “Red, White, and Purple Gladiolas”
(Est: $10,000-20,000)
Sold for $44,770

Martha Walter (American/French, 1875-1976) Along the Seine Celebrating Bastille Day
(Est: $15,000-20,000)
Sold for $31,460

Covered Ink Box Signed Yu Shaosong
(Est: $2,000-4,000)
Sold for $36,300

Yoshimitsu (Japanese, Meiji Period) Bronze Okimono of Standing Archer
(Est: $5,000-10,000)
Sold for $24,200

Montague J Dawson (British, 1890-1973) “The Chariot of Fame, Stunsails Pulling”
(Est: $25,000-35,000)
Sold for $77,025

Extremely Rare & Important Horse & Rider Weathervane by J. Howard & Co.
(Est: $60,000-80,000)
Sold for $65,175

Important and Rare Pair of Celestial and Terrestrial Globes by John Senex (1678–1740)
(Est: $30,000-50,000)
Sold for $50,362.50

Bronze Statue of a Seated Figure
(Est: $12,000-15,000)
Sold for $16,940

Edward Willis Redfield (American, 1869-1965) “River Decorations”
(Est: $80,000-120,000)
Sold for $148,125

Andrew Newell Wyeth (American, 1917-2009) “By the Lower Dam, 1967”
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $79,987

Andrew Newell Wyeth (American, 1917-2009) “River Greys”
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $66,952

Fitz Henry Lane (American, 1804-1865) New Bedford Harbor
Sold for $296,250

Exceptional, Fine and Important Tobacconist Figure of Indian Maiden Attributed to Samuel Robb
(Est: $45,000-65,000)
Sold for $94,800

Bronze Sculpture by Li Chen (B. 1963)
(Est: $2,000-3,000)
Sold for $38,512

Sixteen Silhouette Carved Wood and Painted Shorebird Decoys by Elmer Crowell
(Est: $1,000-1,500)
Sold for $90,060

James Edward Buttersworth (American/British 1817-1894) Yachting in New York Harbor
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $41,475

Robert Salmon (American/Scottish, 1775-Ca. 1848) Outward Bound, Long Island Head, Boston Harbor
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $82,950

Thomas M. Hoyne (American, 1924-1989) “Five to Port-1983”
(Est: $15,000-25,000)
Sold for $53,325

Thomas M. Hoyne (American, 1924-1989) “Dropping the Tow-1979”
Est: $15,000-25,000)
Sold for $53,325

Rare and Fine Pair of Federal Mahogany and Satin Birch Card Tables
(Est: $8,000-12,000)
Sold for $18,960

Important Pair of Porcelain Plaques by Wang Dafan
(Est: $30,000-40,000)
Sold for $118,500

Cloisonne Basin
(Est: $6,000-8,000)
Sold for $26,662

Early, Rare & Untouched Steeple-Chase Horse Weathervane
(Est: $60,000-90,000)
Sold for $112,575

Extraordinarily Rare & Historic Revolutionary War Powder Horn Used by Minuteman Oliver Buttrick at the Battle of Concord, April 19, 1775
(Est: $20,000-50,000)
Sold for $88,875

Rare 2013 Jenny Right-Side-Up 6-Stamp Block of the Jenny Inverted Stamp
(Est: $40,000-60,000)
Sold for $59,250

Abbott Fuller Graves
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $59,250

Paul Manship Bronze
(Est: $30,000-50,000)
Sold for $50,362

Carl C. M. Rungius
(Est: $125,000-175,000)
Sold for $225,150

Monumental & Important Fiske Cow Weathervane
(Est: $25,000-35,000)
Sold for $52,732

Massive Gilt Lacquer Wood Figure of Vairocana (Wall-Apelt Collection)
(Est: $40,000-60,000)
Sold for $379,200

Table Screen with Longevity Theme (Wall-Apelt Collection)
(Est: $20,000-30,000)
Sold for $52,732

Rare & Important Set of 25 A.E. Crowell Miniature Shore Birds
(Est: $10,000-15,000)
Sold for $82,950

Waldo Peirce
(Est: $2,000-4,000)
Sold for $53,325

Fernando C. Amorsolo
(Est: $50,000-80,000)
Sold for $100,725

Montague Dawson
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $74,062

Two Large Cloisonné Censers
(Est: $6,500-7,500)
Sold for $248,850

Rare 13th Century Limoges Gilt Copper & Polychrome Enamel Reliquary Chasse
(Est: $50,000-150,000)
Sold for $183,675

Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze Image
(Est: $3,000-4,000)
Sold for $438,450

Pair of Cloisonné Vases
(Est: $600-800)
Sold for $77,025

Small Jade Vase
(Est: $400-600)
Sold for $59,250

Frederick John Mulhaupt
(Est: $50,000-80,000)
Sold for $57,500

Antonio Jacobsen
(Est: $15,000-20,000)
Sold for $52,900

English Chippendale Painted and Carved Giltwood Chest of Drawers
(Est: $8,000-15,000)
Sold for $155,250