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Pairpoint Puffy yellow rose table lamp to be sold June, 2016. Pre-auction estimate $7,000-$9,000
Pairpoint Puffy Multi-Rose table lamp, pre-auction estimate $10,000-$12,500 More highlights...
One of a Kind by Mark Ford, CEO

Whether it be Fine Art, Asian and Antiques, or Rare Lamps, Glass and Fine Jewelry, or our Rare and Collectible Firearms division, Julia's is known for offering at auction some of the most amazing, rare and collectible items in the world. During March 14th and 15th, we had our semi-annual Extraordinary Auction of Rare and Collectible Firearms, and once again our facility was filled with treasures from around the world, including several important items from the Civil War era.

I grew up in York, Pennsylvania. York was the First Capital of the United States, and seemed to be so close to many of the seminal events in the creation of... Read More

What's It Worth
What's it worth.

Extremely important and rare Pairpoint Puffy white crouching owl table lamp was offered in our June 2013 auction with a pre-sale estimate of $40,000-$60,000 and sold for $77,025!.

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Pairpoint Manufacturing Company: America's Oldest Glass Company - by Dudley Browne
The Pairpoint Manufacturing Company was established in 1880 in the town of New Bedford, MA. An interesting fact is the initial product the company manufactured was metal hardware for caskets. The Pairpoint facility was located near the Mount Washington Glassworks factory which was well known for the production of innovative and high quality glassware. Through the years the two companies discussed the possibility of joint projects that might benefit them both. Finally, in 1894, the companies merged and began the production of lamps as well as lamp parts and accessories. Their innovative lamp designs became very popular and were in great demand.

The blown glass lamp shades were created in three basic designs; plain glass exteriors, ribbed exteriors and mold blown, known as "Puffy", which created a three-dimensional shade. All of these shades were decorated with reverse painted designs on the interior. The reverse painting turned out to be a challenge for the artists, not only did they have to "reverse" how

they painted the shades, painting the foreground first and the background last rather than the background first and the foreground last as they would on a canvas. They also had to determine how the light of the lamp would affect the look of the design showing through the thick glass shade.

Of the three different models, the Pairpoint Puffy is by far the most popular and valuable to collectors in today's market. The clear glass Puffy shades were blown into a mold giving them that wonderful three-dimensional motif. The shades were then lightly frosted on the exterior with an acid bath. From this point each shade went to the artist for the reverse painted decoration. While most of the Puffy shades were done in a floral design, the rarest and arguably most valuable Puffy shade depicts a crouching owl. This shade was done in two versions, a brown owl and a white owl. Up until 2006 there were only five examples of the Puffy Owl lamp known to exist. In 2006 the Lamp & Glass Department at James D. Julia

Auctioneers discovered another example in the Midwest and brought it to auction in the fall of that year. It sold for a whopping $86,250. Since that time Julia's Lamp & Glass Dept. has discovered two more of the elusive owl lamps bringing the total known to exist to eight. The Pairpoint Puffy lamps are without a doubt one of the most unique and innovative decorative products of their time.

Pairpoint Manufacturing Company
Pairpoint Manufacturing Company

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