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This exceptional Galle vase has rich amethyst body shading to amber at the lip, decorated with marquetry wheel carved flowers with brilliant foil inclusions as well as marquetry lily pad type leaves and stems. The vase is signed on the side with a very nice engraved Oriental style "Galle" signature. This fine example sold for $24,150 at auction.
Notable Treasure
An outstanding fire-polished Galle scent bottle had rich amber cameo flowers, leaves and stems. Silver foil inclusions backed one of the flowers and the two open flowers were finished with applied carved cabochons. The bottle was finished with the original stopper in deep amber with a slightly iridescent finish. Estimated at $7,000-$10,000, the piece sold for $14,375.

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This rareWhat's it worth. This large mold-blown vase has a camphor and blue softly mottled background and is decorated with full mold-blown plums and foliage in colors of purple and blue. The vase reached $12,937 at auction.

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Excerpts from Emile Galle - Dreams Into Glass by William Warmus, Corning Museum of Glass
"Galle." Among glass collectors, the very name evokes images of pastel vases decorated with flowers and leaves amidst swirling mists. Their forms are strong and simple; their decoration is usually acid-etched, and sometimes it is sharpened with an engraver's wheel. Uniform, predictable, they are recognized instantly, even before the signature is found. Such are the commercial works of Emile Galle's factory, works that perhaps were never even touched or seen by Galle himself. In fact, they continued to be made for nearly three decades after his death.

Today, his creations are valued not only because they are amongst the most significant works in any material of his day, but because of their relevance to contemporary art. Glass

artists and collectors of contemporary glass have only to examine Galle's works to realize how extraordinarily talented Galle's workmen were. The seemingly accidental blazes of color, the constellations of air bubbles, the shimmering flecks of metal foils, and the entrapped figures of insects which seem to be floating in a haze are evidence of the demanding techniques that he developed and used. They give his objects a richness that is unparalleled in the history of glass. Likewise, his ability to make form and decoration one is remarkable. His work deserves - demands - close scrutiny.

Galle Mold Blown Vase - Sold for $6,813

Galle Mold Blown Vase
Sold for $6,813

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