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The Dean and Kate Armstrong Collection of Tiffany, KPM, Rookwood, and other fine makers to be sold UNRESERVED.
The Dr. Robert LeVere Collection of Galle, Daum, A. Rousseau, Victorian, Sandwich, and other fine makers will be offered UNRESERVED.

James D. Julia, Inc. The Tiffany Lamp Collection of Jean Paul Loup will be featured with superb patterns of Nasturtium, all-over Dogwood, Daffodil, Arrowroot, Bellflower, Poppy, and more, all priced to sell.
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Dr. Mark Jackson Collection Dr. Robert LeVere Collection Jean Paul Loup Collection
Dr. Mark Jackson Collection Dr. Robert LeVere Collection Jean Paul Loup Collection
No "Caveat Emptor" at Julia's!...
by Mark Ford, CEO

As many of you know, Julia's has been growing rapidly for the past several years. Based on annual sales, we are now one of the top ten Antique Auctioneers in North America. When Jim, and his dad Arthur, started this business almost 50 years ago it was built on a foundation of fairness and honesty. Jim looked at the auction industry with "fresh eyes" and learned from one of the best businesses in Maine: L.L. Bean. Bean's had a warranty unlike any of their competitors. In 1990, Julia's introduced its 45 day guarantee. We don't know of any other auctioneer that offers a guarantee that comes close to ours. Almost all of them are "Caveat Emptor" - Buyer Beware!

The guarantee is the first thing you read when you read our Conditions of Sale. We want all bidders to understand this important resource when making their decision. It is a guarantee to protect the buyer against major discrepancies that would have a major effect upon value. It covers authenticity, it protects against fakes, reproductions or major fabrications. It does not guarantee against minor issues that have less than a major effect on value. Also, the only thing we guarantee is what is in print in the catalog and what is Article Image announced from the block at the time of the sale. If you are interested in bidding in any of our auctions, please take the time to read the... Read more

What's It Worth What's it worth.

This rare Galle marquetry vase with a pre-sale estimate of $60,000-$80,000 sold for $74,750

If you have a rare lamp or glass item and want to know "What's it Worth," please take a picture and email it to us at lg@jamesdjulia.com. We are always looking for consignments of rare and valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

Galle Marquetry from Dr. Mark Jackson Collection... By Mike Fredericks, Dept. Head & Dudley Browne, Consultant

When the stars align and high-quality collectibles can be brought to market at conservative estimates, good things happen. James D. Julia's November 18, 2015 sale will be no exception. Our Lamp, Glass and Fine Jewelry Auction is an amazing grouping of high-quality offerings, many of which come to us as private collections sold en mass, some being sold COMPLETELY UNRESERVED. Of the more than 600 lots being offered, one of the highlighted groups will be the Dr. Mark Jackson Collection that contains fine Loetz art glass, as well as some of the finest quality Galle marquetry cameo glass to come to market, which we would like to share with you, along with comments from our cataloger:

"Emile Galle is considered to be one of the great glass artists of his time. Not only was he a great artist but also a very astute businessman.

Galle surrounded himself with other artists and quickly became a driving force in a new form of glass art. In 1898 Galle patented the technique of glass marquetry. With this new technique, glass artists were able to incorporate fragments of glass into a still malleable portion of glass. Random fragments of glass could be used or glass could be cut into shapes before being incorporated into the molten mass. Fragments could also be layered to form custom colors or create the appearance of depth when the layers were wheel-carved."

Our November 18th Rare Lamps, Glass & Fine Jewelry Auction includes several vases which are magnificent examples of this technique, the most stunning is the 14-1/2" Iris vase featured here. The vase exhibits several techniques that make it one of the... Read more

Two Galle pieces from the Jackson Collection
Two Galle pieces from the Jackson Collection

At James D. Julia, Inc. we are always seeking high quality antiques of all types for our year-round auctions. We offer the best seller commission rates in the industry, as low as 0% for high value items and collections. Please contact us directly at 207-453-7125 (Maine office) or 781-460-6800 (Boston area office) to learn more or if you are considering consigning one item, an entire collection or an estate to auction. All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.
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