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Deep vibrant case colors and fine rose bouquets and scroll engraving on the action body accentuate this Boss.

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Perfection... resting comfortably on its claretcolored, cloth-lined case, this exquisite Boss 28ga O/U sold for $207,000 at Julia's March, 2014 sale (New World Record for the sale of a single Boss shotgun at auction).

What's New at Julia's
by Mark Ford, CEO
Here at Julia's, we are known for our outstanding staff and the second-to-none service w provide to our consignors, colleagues, and partners. As such, we have just made several important personnel changes in our FAAA and Fine Firearms division. These were all designed to recognize and best align talent, interests, and company-wide goals.

Change is afoot in the Fine Firearms division. Josh Loewensteiner is now a Julia's Regional Sales Agent, servicing both new and existing clients through his home office in North Carolina. He has hit the ground running in this new role, having already started harvesting consignments from across the country. Josh can be reached at the same Julia's email address and cell phone number as before. We are thrilled that Josh will continue to represent Julia's at regional and national shows.

J. Sexton Also in the Fine Firearms division, we are delighted to welcome John Sexton as a Special Sales Consultant and Agent for Julia's. John has long been affiliated with Julia's as a cataloger and consultant. He is one of the world's subject matter experts in Civil War militaria and martial arms from the late 19th century. He is also an accredited appraiser with expertise in diverse areas including firearms, art, and other high value categories. John's primary roles will be soliciting and securing consignments for upcoming auctions, as well as leading specific cataloging efforts for our Firearms division. As part of his concerted business development efforts, John will represent Julia's at over 20 regional and national shows where the company had little visibility in the past. read more.

What's It Worth
The ultimate Dove Buster. Superb & Precious Boss Sidelock O/U .410 w/ Maker's Case from 1952 is one of only four ever produced. Is a new world record in the offing? Estimated at $100-200,000.

If you have a rare firearm and want to know "What's it Worth," please take a picture and email it to us at firearms@jamesdjulia.com. We are always looking for consignments of rare and valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

Boss Man by Wes Dillon
As the dog days of summer give way to earlier sunsets, cooler nights, and the promise of the season's first true Sportsman's Holiday, gunners in all but the most liberal states plan for a ritual unlike no other... The September 1st Opening Day of Dove Season.

Traditional "invitation only" shoots for rich and profligate sports, as well as numerous informal gatherings of good friends all have the same goal in mind... shoot the most birds with the fewest shells! Given the challenging flight characteristics of the world's most prolific game bird, some shooters prefer maximum firepower opting for utility grade autoloading 12 gauge guns. Elitists insist on using best quality double guns of smaller gauge and relying on "well-managed" fields to yield the maximum number of birds for selective shooting...A run of fifteen straight without dirtying the second barrel being the pinnacle of success. For these over the top private affairs, English best guns are the order of the day. Whether they are bespoke contemporary made examples or classic vintage guns of this most gentile pedigree, one name reigns supreme, Boss.

From the beginning, Thomas Boss only produced one quality of gun, the Best. This policy of perfection has continued from the mid-19th century through to the present day with Boss & Co. being the "Builders of Best Guns Only."

Much of the credit for the assent of the Boss brand goes to John Robertson, a gifted designer who in

Boss Article
This fabulous Pre-war Boss O/U 20ga gun shows very little evidence of use and sold for $189,750 at Julia's October, 2011 auction (note the very rare selector button).
Boss Article
John Robertson with his supreme legacy, the Boss O/U unveiled in 1909. (Photo courtesy Boss & Co, Donald Dallas).

1891 became a full partner in the firm. Robertson soon took over the business and added to the company's reputation by inventing the famous and ultra-reliable Boss single trigger in 1894 and the durable Boss ejector in 1898. Unquestionably, Robertson's supreme legacy has to be the perfection of the ubiquitous over-and-under sporting shotgun in 1909. These revolutionary hand crafted works of art were, and still are, immensely valuable and sought after by the most sophisticated collectors and sportsmen. Boss guns have always been built to the highest standard and have never claimed to be inexpensive.

In a gentrified dove field, the "Boss Man" is recognized as possessing the finest tool available and when used with equal skill, commands instant respect. Small bore Boss & Co. guns are a great rarity and coveted by well-heeled shootists. The issue here is one of supply and demand as the number of small bore Boss guns ordered and produced over time is miniscule. When a small bore Boss is rumored to be in play, suitors scramble to allocate adequate resources and position themselves for action without tipping their hand or the location of the treasure. When a "fresh to the market" example surfaces at public auction,

a firestorm of hand to hand competitive bidding ensues. Senses are elevated as are the stakes.

In the past few years, the firm of James D. Julia Auctions has elevated itself to become the world leader in the sale of best quality British sporting guns. Many superb examples of Boss guns, including ultra-rare small bores, have figured prominently in propelling Julia's to the top of the charts. Most notably, a magnificent and minty pre-war Boss O/U 20 gauge gun, a legacy from a CT estate, was the focus of an intense bidding war during the October 2011 auction. The result was, at the time, a World Auction Record for the sale of a single Boss gun at $189,750. And most recently in March 2014, an extraordinary consecutive SN brace of small frame 28 bore Boss guns (one O/U and one SxS), the property of a prominent industrialist's estate, generated a remarkable $207,000 and $138,000 respectively, the O/U setting a new world record.

And now, coming in Julia's monumental October 2014 sale, a second fabulous duo of Boss & Co. guns, this time in .410! These .410 Boss shotguns were ordered in the 1950s and are from the same estate as the previously sold 28 gauge guns. They remain in spectacular and pristine original condition resting comfortably in their respective leather Maker's luggage case. Of the 10,200+ guns Boss & Co. has delivered, just seventeen have been .410s: thirteen as side-by-sides and just four as over/unders. Early indications suggest yet another Boss world record could be in the offing.

By auction time the opening day of Dove season will have passed, but there are always plenty of Quail amongst the tall Georgia pines and good dogs to point you in their direction. The new owner(s) of these treasures will have perfection in hand, but at a price...When asked if he had ever considered owning a Boss gun, King George VI replied, "A Boss gun, a Boss gun, bloody beautiful, but too bloody expensive!"... Indeed.

At James D. Julia, Inc. we are always seeking high quality antiques of all types for our year-round auctions. We offer the best seller commission rates in the industry, as low as 0% for high value items and collections. Please contact us directly at 207-453-7125 to learn more or if you are considering consigning one item, an entire collection or an estate to auction. All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.