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Extremely Rare and Historic Cashmore Double Barrel Shotgun of the greatest female shootist ever, Annie Oakley, exceptional provenance.
For the Class-3 enthusiast, a highly collectible veteran war trophy Chinese Type 56 AK-47 machine gun, 7.62x39Cal. More Highlights...

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May 19-21: NRA Annual Convention - Louisville, KY - Agent John Sexton will be in attendance and actively seeking consignments for our upcoming auctions.

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This past week, my wife and I were in Florida for vacation. We have this wonderful little place on the East Coast where we try and go every year with friends of ours. It's become a bit of a ritual, and after a few years, you start to see the same people come year after year. They become familiar faces, soon you spend time getting to know each other.

As is typical, one of the first topics that comes up is, "So, what do you do for a living?" When I tell them I'm an auctioneer almost everyone is ... Read more

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Rare Colt Model 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling Gun
Rare Colt Model 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling Gun on Tripod with an estimate of $175,000 - $250,000 sold for $322,000

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Confederate New Orleans Swords by John Sexton, Julia's special agent and cataloger
Confederate manufactured swords are quite scarce regardless of manufacture. At the start of the Civil War, there were few industrialized cities in the South. New Orleans was by far the largest southern city with a population of about 170,000. Indeed, New Orleans was the fifth largest city in the United States in 1860 and the only southern city with over 100,000 residents. Antebellum New Orleans was always well known for cutlery, especially bowie knives, and when the war began several manufacturers were making swords. Production of high-grade officer swords in 1861 and early 1862 in New Orleans rivaled all others Confederate cities.

New Orleans was the commercial heart of the Deep South, with cotton comprising fully half of the estimated $175,000,000 in exports, followed by tobacco and sugar. Over half of all the cotton grown in the U.S. passed through the port of New Orleans annually, about two million 500-pound bales, one million more bales than at the second-leading port of Mobile. The city also boasted a number of Federal buildings, including the New Orleans Mint, a branch of the United States Mint, and the U.S. Custom House. When New Orleans seceded, the Mint was seized; it was used during 1861 to produce the only Confederate coinage.

Early in the Civil War, New Orleans became a prime target for the Union Army and Navy. The U.S. War Department planned a major attack to seize control of the city and its vital port, to choke off a major source of income and supplies for the fledgling Confederacy. It was quite a blow to lose such an important cog in the Confederate manufacturing wheel when Farragut captured the city April 28, 1862. New Orleans was deemed too important not to be captured by Union strategists who knew control of the Mississippi was a vital part of winning war.

Sword production in New Orleans lasted less than a year, but among the finest and most collected Confederate swords are those produced by New Orleans cutlers. In Julia's upcoming Extraordinary Firearms Auction will be a group of five of the finest original and authentic examples of New Orleans Confederate sword masters. Thomas, Griswold & Company is the best known Confederate sword maker. You cannot find a better example of a Thomas, Griswold & Company artillery officer's or cavalry officer's saber anywhere. Both have bright blades, fine complete grips, and beautiful, well patinated brass scabbards. This firm probably made the agent marked "Hyde & Goodrich, New Orleans" presentation
foot officer sword offered by Julia's as well. It is the only marked presentation Hyde & Goodrich sword extant.

Dufihlo made some of the finest swords in New Orleans and are known for their iconic staff officer swords with the hilt decorated with the Louisiana state seal showing pelican feeding young. Dufihlo made a handful of ivory handled swords with blade presentations such as the "Confederate Guards" sword of Captain David McCoard.

This fine selection of New Orleans swords and much more is to be offered in our upcoming Fall 2016 auction.

New Orleans made Confederate Swords

Exceptional group of four rare New Orleans made Confederate Swords, Including Ivory gripped Dufilho Presented to an Officer in the "Confederate Guard", Presentation Hyde & Goodrich, and the finest brass scabbarded Artillery and Cavalry known

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