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Very Rare Colt 1911-A1 Government Model Pistol. 1938 Production (est. $3,000-4,000) Sold for $51,750

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Law Enforcement Signature Requirement to Transfer Machine Guns Eliminated by John Keene - Firearms Division
Many gun collectors, and even advanced gun collectors, have either overlooked or shied away from pursuing the collecting of machine guns, and other weapons that fall within the category of National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons.

Many gun collectors, or potential gun collectors, do not realize that it is possible to legally own machine guns under federal law. While there are some states that prohibit or restrict private ownership of machine guns, most allow the ownership of machine guns as long as federal requirements are met.

 Group Industries HR4332
Group Industries HR4332 (Uzi) Machine Gun in 9mm/.22 (est. $10,000-15,000) Sold for $20,700

For many years would-be machine gun owners were required as part of the Federally mandated lawful transfer process to secure their local Chief Law Enforcement Officer's (CLEO's) signature as part of the requirement to obtain a completely legal "registered for private ownership" machine gun.

This signature requirement was part of the transfer process because in years past information on individuals was exclusively maintained in paper files, and the movement and sharing of information between law enforcement agencies was not as rapid, nor streamlined as it is today. The officials who developed this procedure felt that the local Chief of Police, or Sheriff with jurisdiction over the would-be machine gun owner

would be more likely to know if there was some "reason" the applicant should not have possession of a machine gun.

Whether one agrees it was righteous or not, in practice this meant that the local CLEO could stop any person who resided within their jurisdiction from legally obtaining a machine gun simply by refusing to sign the application. Without the law enforcement official's signature the application would not be accepted at the federal level. Many Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police implemented a policy that they would not sign ANY application for a machine gun transfer. This avoided criticism and potential political fallout from anti-gun or neutral voters within their jurisdiction.

In July of this year (2016) a landmark change in regulations took effect, which completely eliminated the requirement for the CLEO to sign any Federal application for transfer of a registered machine gun. Now, the applicant does not need to see or speak to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer. It is no longer a matter of a would-be machine gun owner seeking "permission" of their CLEO.

Scarce Vet Bringback Korean Manufactured Type 58
Scarce Vet Bringback Korean Manufactured Type 58 AK-47 Machine Gun (est. $25,000-45,000) Sold for $54,625)

Instead, the new procedure, with new transfer application forms, requires the applicant to NOTIFY their CLEO each time they apply for the transfer, or activation of a machine gun. Where under the old procedure

there was a requirement for two identical forms signed by both the applicant and CLEO to be forwarded to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), now there are three required forms.

Early Square Slot Colt 1921A Thompson
Early "Square Slot" Colt 1921A Thompson Machine Gun (est. $30,000-50,000) Sold for $57,500

Under the new procedure, two identical forms still go forward to the BATF (no CLEO signature required, nor even a place for it on the form), and a third form which includes all the information on the applicant (or applicants when the recipient is a trust or legal entity) must be sent by the applicant to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer with jurisdiction.

This achieves the purpose of giving the CLEO the opportunity to notify the federal authorities at the BATF if they have any information which would prohibit the applicants(s) from legally gaining access to a machine gun, or some other NFA weapon, but it does NOT allow the CLEO to interfere with the lawful transfer without some substantive reason.

This means that many collectors which previously could not acquire machine guns for their collections simply because of a local CLEO decree now can completely lawfully and legally make registered machine guns part of their collections.

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