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One of a Kind by Mark Ford, CEO

Whether it be Fine Art, Asian and Antiques, or Rare Lamps, Glass and Fine Jewelry, or our Rare and Collectible Firearms division, Julia's is known for offering at auction some of the most amazing, rare and collectible items in the world. During March 14th and 15th, we had our semi-annual Extraordinary Auction of Rare and Collectible Firearms, and once again our facility was filled with treasures from around the world, including several important items from the Civil War era.

I grew up in York, Pennsylvania. York was the First Capital of the United States, and seemed to be so close to many of the seminal events in the creation of our country. Valley Forge was not too far away to the east, and Gettysburg was a mere 40 miles to the west. As a child, I was always intrigued by history, and our frequent family trips to historical sites like Harper's Ferry, Gettysburg, Antietam, Bull Run just spurred my interest in the Civil War to a higher level. We would explore the battlefields, visit the exhibits, and try to learn more about the people of that era.

Since joining Julia's, I'm seeing it from a different perspective. The flags, the uniforms, the furniture, the letters, the symbols, and the firearms. Whether it is from Texas, or Massachusetts, the story is now... Read More

What's It Worth

What's it worth. Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze estimated at $3,000-4,000. Sold for $438,450.

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Emile Albert Gruppe By Rebekah Kaufman - James D Julia, Inc.
"When a man paints, he expresses his whole life, what he's done and experienced. If you are bold and outgoing, your work will show it." - Emile Albert Gruppe.

James D. Julia has established itself as the premier auction house specializing in paintings from the Cape Ann (Massachusetts) School of artists. From the mid-19th century onward, this seaside destination established itself as the ideal East Coast artist colony, given its extraordinary ocean views, picturesque landscapes and gardens and dramatic seasonal changes. In 1921, Aldro T. Hibbard started the Rockport Art Association, an organization celebrating and promoting artists and artwork from the Cape Ann area.

Julia's often features the works of one well known Cape Ann artist, Emile Albert Gruppe. He is especially famous for his landscapes, fishing and fisherman themed works and paintings of the ocean. Emile was born in

1896 in Rochester, NY to Helen and Charles P. Gruppe. The artistic influence was very strong in this family; Gruppe's father was also a painter and an art dealer and all three of the Gruppe siblings went on to artistic careers. Emile spent most of his childhood years in the Netherlands, where his father painted and represented Dutch painters to US collectors. The family returned to the USA in 1913 in anticipation of the onset of WWI. Back in the states, Emile studied at the National Academy of Design in New York and at the Art Students League from 1914 until 1920.

Emile dedicated himself to painting in 1915, at the age of 19. In 1925, after seeing paintings from the Rockport and Gloucester areas at an exposition, he visited the area to see it firsthand - and fell in love with it at first sight. Soon after, he moved to Cape Ann where he blossomed amongst the creative community and fellow artists - including Anthony Thieme, Marguerite Pierson, Antonio Cirino, W. Lester

Stevens and Aldro Hibbard. His mentors included his father, Charles Hawthorne, George Bridgman, Charles Chapman and Richard Miller, and John F. Carlson. In 1942, he and Carlson later went on to found the Gruppe Summer School that specialized in plein air techniques. This program... Read more

Emile Albert Gruppe - Gloucester Morning - Sold for $11,850

Emile Albert Gruppe "Gloucester Morning" Sold for $11,850

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