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What's New for 2016 at James D. Julia? by Mark Ford, CEO

2015 was a busy year behind the scenes at James D. Julia. Last April, we changed our computer system that we had been using for over ten years. We moved into a more robust system that had many new features that we believed would deliver a better experience for all our clients. You may have seen some of these changes already if you were a successful bidder at one of our auctions. You may have noticed changes to our billing system - both in the format of the invoices and that they are now being emailed typically within 24 hours of the completion of the auction.

Julia's has always focused on being transparent, fair and... Read more

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Apple Blossoms by Martin Johnson Heade, sold for $126,500.

Apple Blossoms by Martin Johnson Heade, sold for $126,500.

If you have a single item, collection or entire Estate and want to know "What's it worth?" please take a picture and email us at antiques@jamesdjulia.com.

Martin Johnson Heade: Political Correctness in the 19th Century
By Bill Gage, Department Head- James D Julia Inc.
As part of the February auction this year we are pleased to offer an important painting by Martin Johnson Heade. Heade is most widely known for his iconic marsh sunset scenes as well as detailed renderings of Hummingbirds and wildflowers.

He was born in Lumberville Pennsylvania in 1819 and started his career as a portrait painter, in 1848 he visited Europe several times and visited Italy on his second trip. On this trip he broadened his subject matter to include genre painting and one of his first examples was "Roman Newsboys". A large oil on canvas depicting 2 boys hawking newspapers on an Italian street.

It was in 1848 that clashes between the movement to unify Italy and the secular government of the Roman states had come to a climax. It was the Risorgimento against Pope Pious IX and the Pope was put into exile.

It was this political confrontation that Heade represented in his rendering of the "Roman Newsboys". It was the pro-Risorgimento movement that favored the establishment of a democratic Republic instead of the rule of Pope Pious IX. The two boys offer a Pro-Risorgimento newspaper to an approaching pedestrian whose shadow is cast on their street side stucco wall.

Behind the wall are torn and battered posters, caricatures and slogans indicating the changing political scene? The boys are dressed differently, one standing and the other sitting on a high post. The standing boy wears a dunce type cap with the Popes name and the seated boy wears a liberty type hat With "Pirlone" written on it This being short for the publication IL Don Pirlone. This with the addition of the red band to the hat showed the astute observer

Roman Newsboys I (Toledo, OH Art Museum)

Roman Newsboys I (Toledo, OH Art Museum)

that the republican cause was being represented.

It seems that Heade is portraying a changing political scene that is representing the shift away from a secular rule to a more democratic republic. Excited by these events he painted this political painting relevant to... Read more

Lot 1161 - Roman Newsboys II

Roman Newsboys II (Offered in this sale)

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