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Changes at Julia's...
by Mark Ford, CEO

The month of June has been filled with changes here at Julia's.

On Monday, June 22nd we announced the sale of the Antique Advertising, Toy & Doll division to Dan Morphy Auctions, LLC. Dan Morphy Auctions has long been a strong competitor of Julia's, and we have been impressed with Dan's integrity, passion and commitment to the Antique Toy & Doll auctions. He approached Julia's with an offer that "we couldn't refuse." Andrew Truman, our long time head of the department will be departing Julia's, and may be joining the Morphy team at a later date. Julie Killam will focus full time on assisting Mike Fredericks in the Lamp and Glass Division. Many of our long time catalogers will be joining the Morphy's team including our senior cataloger, Jay Lowe.

In early June, we announced that our Firearms Division will be introducing the "Sporting and Collectors Auction". Wes Dillon, former Department Head of the Firearms division, said it best, "During the past few years, I have been approached by countless clients asking us to expand our product offering to include high end firearms at a more affordable... Read more

What's It Worth

This fabulous General Philip Sheridan Etched Glass Railroad-Style Lantern sold for $9,440.

This fabulous General Philip Sheridan Etched Glass Railroad-Style Lantern sold for $9,440.

If you have a single item, collection or entire Estate and want to know "What's it worth?" please take a picture and email us at antiques@jamesdjulia.com. We are always looking for rare & valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

Amelia Earhart- Flight in the Friendship By John Sexton, Consultant & Agent- James D Julia Inc.
After Charles Lindbergh's solo flight in 1927, a wealthy American woman named Amy Phipps Guest (1873 - 1959) decided she wanted to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. After her family objected, Guest asked aviator Richard Byrd and publisher George Putnam (who later would become Earhart's manager and husband) to find the "right sort of girl for the trip". There are many reasons Guest selected Amelia Earhart. She greatly resembled Charles Lindbergh, had a wholesome "all American" personality and of course she was an accomplished pilot who owned two airplanes and had logged over 500 hours in the air. Although Earhart had little or no time at the controls during the flight, she even stated that she felt like "a sack of potatoes". Nonetheless, reporters were only interested in her story and not Wilmer Stoltz or Lou "Slim" Gordon who actually piloted the plane. Following the event, Earhart would have reception back in America
with a ticker tape parade in New York City and a reception at the White House by President Calvin Coolidge. The "Friendship Flight" from June 17 - June 29, 1928 from New Foundland to South Wales across the Atlantic brought Amelia international attention and she became one of the most famous aviators in the world. Amelia, would however, be the first woman to ever pilot a plane across the Atlantic, flying solo in a record time of 13 hours and 13 minutes. This historic flight took place May 20 - 21, 1932. Aviation at this time was quite hazardous. At least 7 people died attempting what Lindbergh and Earhart had done in 1927 alone. Earhart's many awards and accolades continued throughout her life in aviation until her death where she was lost at sea in 1937. Wilmer Stultz, the pilot of the Friendship Flight and among the most famous aviators of his day, died the following year at the age of 30 in a flying incident. There was a tremendous
amount of intrigue and suspense.... The contract, dated... Read More

Amelia Earhart First Woman to Fly Cross The
Atlantic Historic and Unique Archive.

Amelia Earhart First Woman to Fly Cross The Atlantic Historic and Unique Archive.

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