Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

1st Model LeMat Grapeshot Rev. of S.C. Captain & Son of Confed. Sec. of the Treasury (Morris Racker Estate Coll.)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Only Known Pres. Gun from Queen Victoria to Her Alleged Lover John Brown- Alexander Henry Double Rifle

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Parker A1 Special 12 ga from 1937 with Orig Leather Trunk Case (Collection of Dr. Tom Bouwkamp)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Superb Marlin 1893-Conrad Ulrich Engraved in 38-55 (Estate Collection of Russell Grinnell)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

One of the Finest A.H. Foxes Extant FE Grade 20 ga (Estate Collection of Dana Tauber)

Our Fall 2017 Auction should be an outstanding one. We have amassed a great number of superb items, many coming from major and well known collections. With numerous important collections and historic guns, this will be a spectacular sale that you don’t want to miss. For years, Julia’s has been the world’s leading auction house for rare and expensive firearms, so whether you have one item or an entire collection, we are most interested in speaking with you.  Read more…

The most spectacular, rare and valuable firearms are found at Julia’s auctions. Tony, John, Jim, Wes, Josh, Jeremy and J.R. have reviewed the consignments for our October, 2017 auction and selected some of the very best to share with you on our newly redesigned highlights page. Enjoy! We are constantly adding single rare and valuable firearms, as well as complete estates and collections, so be sure to check back often and see what is new. If you are interested in consigning, or if you have any questions, please email us! Read more…

Twice a year, two separate auction companies conduct firearms auctions back to back in Fairfield, Maine. Each time these auctions occur, the results generate the largest offering and largest sales gross for firearms auction events anywhere in the world. In April, 2017 these auctions generated nearly $17 million in sales and the Julia’s auction included the only complete and original Colt SAA positively proven to have been used by one of Custer’s men during the infamous Battle of the Little Bighorn. Read more…

Julia’s extraordinary rare firearms auctions continue to set world records. We don’t sell the most firearms, but we do sell the greatest number of rare and collectable firearms in the world. With the recent addition of our Sporting and Collector sessions, we now offer firearms for auction from that start in the $2,000 range all the way up to over $1,000,000. If you have a collection, or a rare and collectible firearm that you would like to sell, please contact us.

Upcoming Firearms Shows
Our Firearms Team looks forward to meeting you at these upcoming shows. If you would like to make an appointment to show us a single item or an entire collection, we would appreciate hearing from you. Click Here to send a message for appointment or call us at 207.453.7125.

The Big Sandy Shoot – October 20, 21, 22 – Wikieup, AZ | Texas Gun Collectors Association – October 20, 21, 22 – Fort Worth, TX | Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show – November 11, 12 – Tulsa, OK | Capital of the Confederacy Civil War Show – November 11, 12 – Richmond, VA | SAR West – December 1, 2 – Phoenix, AZ | Middle Tennessee Civil War Show – December 2, 3 – Franklin, TN

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