Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Winchester 1866 Centennial Exposition Rifle w/Seven Panel Scenes (Collection of Dr. Tom Bouwkamp)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Confederate “2nd Quality” Scope Mounted Sharpshooter’s Rifle (Morris Racker Estate Coll.)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Spectacular and Minty A. H. Fox FE Grade 12 ga Expo Gun-Dbl Gold Dogs (Estate Collection of Dana Tauber)

Extraordinary Firearms Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2

Spectacular Parker A-1 Special 20ga w/28″ Bbls-Fresh to Market and in Superb Condition!

Fall 2017 Extraordinary Firearms Auction

Extraordinary Auction - Catalog Cover
Extraordinary Auction - Catalog Cover

We are pleased to present to you the catalog for Julia’s spectacular upcoming October 31, November 1 & 2, Firearms auction. We will have over 2,000 lots up for auction during this three-day extravaganza. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading Firearms Auctioneer for high-end, expensive and rare firearms. We do not handle the greatest number of guns but we do handle the greater number of high-end, rare and historic firearms.

Our auction will start on Tuesday, October 31st with our Extraordinary Auction of Rare and Historic Firearms and Armament. We are extremely pleased to offer a large number of important firearms, many from renowned private collections featuring quality, rarity and diversity. As always, we will be presenting a world class offering of superb firearms, including extraordinary high quality Winchesters, diverse selection of Colts, very outstanding Military Arms and rare Class 3 firearms, over $1 million of important Confederate and Civil War items, and rare and important Scagel items; a vast offering of truly special arms. As is traditional here at Julia’s we are once again featuring many notable and highly important firearms collections and estates:

Estate Collection of Dana Tauber – the finest collection of A.H. Fox shotguns ever to come to auction
Prestigious Lifetime Parker and Winchester Collection of Dr. Tom Bouwkamp
Outstanding Estate Collection of Confederate and Historical Arms of Morris Racker
Estate Collection of Russell Grinnell
Session Two of the Extraordinary Warren Buxton Estate Collection
The Robert Roughton Collection of Rare U.S. Martial Arms
The Confederate and Civil War Estate Collection of Fred Donaldson
Lifetime Collection of rare Confederate arms of Dr. Zack Catterton
The Larry Kelley Estate collection
The Collection of Tim Zissler
The Forrest G. Rhodes Collection
Lifelong Collection of Roger Ballard

In addition to great collections, Julia’s is also known for regularly handling important, historic arms and this auction will be no different. Throughout the history of armed conflict within the United States, The Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer’s Last Stand, is among the most studied and examined in history. This auction will include the most historically important long arm from this battlefield to ever come to auction, John Martin’s Springfield Carbine which is forensically proven to have fired a cartridge at the famous battle. Martin was Custer’s personal bugler and the only cavalryman attached to Custer at the time of the battle to survive. Other highlights include:

Possibly the finest condition 1st Type Winchester Model 1873 “1 of 1,000” rifles known, identified during the creation of “Winchester 73” with Jimmy Stewart, accompanied by its original Universal Studios prize ’94 Carbine with factory letter
Exceptionally rare (one of three) 20 bore A.H. Fox “FE” grade shotguns with special gold inlays and Callahan letter
The most important offering of Virginia Manufactory Arms to come to auction in years, a total of 15 arms!
Very rare (11 estimated) 20 gauge Parker “A-1 Special”
A stunning masterpiece, “The Swan Gun,” a Holland & Holland “Royal” Hammerless ejector shotgun with exceptionally well carved and multi-color gold inlaid relief engraving by Rashid El Hadi, with case
Fine example known of an extremely rare Cofer Portsmouth, Virginia percussion Confederate revolver with an original Cofer holster

Day/Session 2 will begin with an extensive offering of military and Class 3 arms. This sale will include approximately 100 rare Class 3 and related items, including a scarce Colt Commercial Monitor Model 1919 BAR, several rare Thompsons, a highly sought after Viet Nam bring back Chinese type 56 rifle, and many, many more fully transferable Class 3 firearms.

We will close with our two-day Sporting and Collector Firearms sessions featuring nearly 1,100 lots of firearms and collectibles primarily priced in the $2,000 to $8,000 range. Everything from Colts to Winchesters, to Schuetzen, from Lugers to Mausers, from Parkers to Smiths will be offered.

For more information please contact our firearms department at (207) 453-7125 or email firearms@jamesdjulia.com.

If you can’t make the auction in person, we have three easy ways for you to participate:

• Complete our Absentee Bid Form, and email it or fax it to us at (207) 453-2502.
• Register to Telephone Bid or Absentee Bid for the auction by calling our office at (207) 453-7125.
• Bid online at www.invaluable.com & www.proxibid.com

Please help us better serve you by having your absentee and telephone bids placed with us no later than 4:00 p.m. the day before the auction.

We Are Always Seeking Quality Consignments

For years, Julia’s has been the world’s leading auction house for rare and expensive firearms and the reasons are simple:

– We offer the best terms in the industry, with seller’s commission as low as 0% on high value items.
– Our reputation for honesty and fairness is renowned for nearly 50 years.
– We offer some of the finest expertise in the trade and guarantee our catalog descriptions.
– While our competition focuses on volume over quality, we maintain our focus on the most rare and collectible firearms. We don’t sell the most guns, we sell the most rare and expensive guns.
– As the #1 auction house in the world for rare and expensive firearms, we don’t want to buy your guns. We want to consign them for auction so you make the most money. Unlike other firearms auction houses, we won’t be competing with you during the auction.

While no other auction house on the planet Earth sells more high-end, expensive guns than Julia’s, with the recent addition of our Sporting & Collectors sessions, we have expanded the range of items we handle and also now feature moderately priced antique and collectible firearms whose average sale value will be in the range of $2,000-8,000.

Our trucks are on the road almost continually doing consignor pick-ups or at gun shows so if you have items you are thinking about consigning, call us immediately so we can arrange for a meeting or an appointment. Whether you have one item or an entire collection, we are most interested in speaking with you.

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