The Tradition Continues

March 15th & 16th, 2015 Firearms Auction | Fairfield, Me Facility

October Firearms Auction A New World Record At $19.2 Million+

Auction Date: October 7th-9th, 2014

March Firearms Auction A World Record At Approximately $19 Million+

Exquisite 28 ga Boss Single Trigger O/U Game Gun| $207,000

March Firearms Auction A World Record At Approximately $19 Million+

Phenomenal Relief Carved John Armstrong Rifle (Sujansky Coll.) | $97,750

March 15th & 16th Firearms Auction
Totals Over $16 Million!


Please review our Ivory Position Statement (NEW)
Special note regarding Springfield Arsenal Artillery Collection
Class III Firearms Information

Session 1: (Lots 1000-1568). Elmer Keith, Elliott Burka, Norm Flayderman, Dr Douglas Sirkin, Colts, Winchesters, Civil War, Custer/Indian War, Martial Arms, Antique Arms.
Session 2: (Lots 2000-2636). Military & Class 3, Evergreen Ventures, Springfield Arsenal, Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess, Richard Schreiber, George Reeb, Thomas Connally, Steven Harris, American & European Sporting Arms.

The Tradition of Excellence Continues… Over the course of the last decade, the auction firm of James D. Julia has regularly conducted the highest grossing firearms sales events in history. This accomplishment has been realized not by selling the most firearms at any given time, but rather by offering the most exclusive, important, and expensive firearms in the world, twice each year. Julia’s is now widely regarded as the world leader in the sale of investment grade goods and is THE preferred resource for buyers and sellers alike. Once again, their prestigious March 2015 auction confirmed this fact.

Initial results are approx 450 lots generating $10,000 or more. Additionally, the Julia firm has handled the greater number of important private and institutional collections in the firearms universe and indeed this was once again the case here. The headlines touted 12 iconic firearms collections (but also included various others whose names could not be advertised). The resounding success of the sale drives home the fact that the firearms fraternity continues to be very dynamic, and filled with great passion. As is with any sale of this magnitude, there were a small percentage of lots that did not sell during the auction. This creates a wonderful opportunity for those who may have missed the auction or have interest in additional purchases. Please refer to the notes below for information on how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.