Auction Process

At Julia’s we make buying as easy as possible! There are four steps to the auction process.

The first is finding the items on which you want to bid. The simplest way to learn about what is going on and the items coming up in the auction is to sign up for our newsletter.

Once our catalog is ready for publication, you will be notified that it is accessible free of charge online! Our online catalog will list items coming up to auction along with a detailed description written by our staff and industry experts. Our online catalog features high definition images that you can “ZOOM” in on intricate details. Selected items also feature our 360° view which allows you to rotate the item and see the full perspective. As always, if you are interested in an item and need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your question at We always post the most current information about the auction and about each item in the auction in our online catalog.

The second step is to read our Conditions of Sale for the auction you are interested in. This covers important aspects like our limited Guarantee, Buyer’s Premium, how to pay, when to pay, and other business aspects of the auction.

The third step is to make your purchase. We always encourage all our bidders to come to Fairfield for the auction, and inspect the items before the auction begins. Preview time is typically the day before the auction, and a few hours before the auction starts. These times are posted once the auction is scheduled. This will give you the opportunity to fully review and inspect the item at your own pace.

The fourth step is to register for the auction. There are four different ways to register and bid at our auction: Present at the auction, Telephone Bidding, Absentee Bidding, and Online Bidding.

Present at the Auction
If you are in Fairfield, walk to our registration desk at the back of the auction hall and our administrative team will guide you through the registration process. A credit card and another form of identification is needed to register as a bidder in our auctions. Once we gather all the appropriate information, you will receive a bidding paddle.

Simply waive the bidding paddle every time you wish to bid, and your bid will be recognized by the auctioneer. If you are the winning bidder, the auctioneer will announce the number on your bidding paddle, and the amount of your winning bid. Our administrative team keeps track of all of this information for the next step in the process.

Telephone Bidding
By far, this is the most popular absentee bidding option of our customers. This gets you the closest to the live auction experience from anywhere in the world. The process requires three steps. First, read and complete our Absentee Bidder form and fax or email it to us. On the form, you will provide us with your information, and what lots you want to bid on. Our administrative team will review your form and establish a bidding paddle number for you. If we have any questions, we will contact you. It is important to send this form to us as soon as possible, to ensure your application is vetted and entered properly.

On auction day, approximately three lots before your item comes on the block, your personal representative will call you, confirm your identity and the lot you want to bid on, and bid on your behalf. Remember that this is a LIVE auction. It moves very rapidly, so be ready! If you are the winning bidder, your representative will tell you that you won, and the winning bid amount. If you disagree, for whatever reason, you must notify the representative immediately.

Absentee Bidding
Much like the telephone bidding process, complete the Absentee Bid Form, along with the lots you want to bid on and the maximum (limit) amount for us to bid on your behalf. You will have a personal representative at the auction bidding on your behalf up to the limit amount that is indicated on your form. For more information on advanced absentee bidding, read our FAQs and the “Plus 1” instruction on the Absentee Bid Form.

If you are the winning bidder, you will be notified a few business days after the auction is completed by receiving an invoice in the mail or by email. If you want to know the outcome prior to that, please wait until the first business day after the full auction is completed, and call our office. We will be able to assist you then.

Online Bidding
Julia’s auctions are broadcast on two internet auction platforms for each auction: Proxibid (Firearms Auctions only), Bidsquare (Rare Lamps, Glass & Fine Jewelry auctions and Fine Art, Asian & Antiques auctions), and Invaluable (all auctions). Each of these auction platforms charges an additional fee for all purchases made over their platform. Go to your favorite auction site, complete their registration process and follow their instructions on how to bid using their service.

The fifth step is to pay for your purchases and arrange delivery.
If you are at the auction, all of your winning bids will be added together along with the appropriate Buyer’s Premium and Sales Tax. You can pay for your purchases at our Registration desk. The acceptable forms of payment are addressed in the Conditions of Sale. After you have paid for your items, our Operations department will assist you in gathering your purchases. We have packaging materials available for you to use.

If you are an Absentee Bidder, you will receive an invoice and a shipping instruction form. If you have provided your email address, you will be emailed both an invoice and a shipping form within 48 hours if the last day of the auction. All Winning bidders will be mailed their invoice and shipping form two business dats after the auction. Payment in full and completed pickup or shipping instructions are required to be completed 15 days after the auction. The invoice will reflect all of the items you purchased, plus the Buyer’s Premium. Depending on where the items are being shipped, you may be assessed sales tax. As mentioned earlier, if you purchased using an online auction platform, there will be additional fees for that service.

The domestic shipping instruction form and international shipping instruction form contains selections for how to ship the items, where to ship the item, the fees for shipping, and information pertaining to the shipping process. The shipping form must be returned to us at the time of payment in order for us to ensure your items get to you as soon as possible.