Alfred T. Bricher (18″ x 39″) “Near York Beach, Maine” UNRESERVED

Aldro T. Hibbard (30″ x 36″)

Aldro T. Hibbard

Aldro T. Hibbard

Aldro Hibbard

Aldro Hibbard

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile Gruppe

Emile A Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A. Gruppe

Emile A Gruppe

Hayley Lever

Hayley Lever

Hayley Lever

Hayley Lever

Hayley Lever

Frederick Mulhaupt

Max Kuehne

William Lester Stevens

William Lester Stevens

William Lester Stevens

Tom Nicholas

Charles Gruppe

Charles P. Gruppe

Jane Peterson

John Whorf

John Whorf

Hayley Lever

George L. Noyes

Emile A. Gruppe

Wayne Morrell

William Lester Stevens

Max Keuhne

Antonio Cirino

Ken Knowles

Anthony Thieme

Anthony Thieme

Paul Strisik

Anthony Thieme

Bob Blue

Jonas Lie

Stanley Woodward

Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson

David Bareford

Otis Cook

Arthur Clifton Goodwin

Carl Peters

Carl Peters


Jiro Takamatsu, 1968 No. 211

Milton Avery

Marsden Hartley

Jack Gray (22″ x 30″)

Jack Gray (20″ x 24″)

Reynolds Beal

John Marin “White Mountain Country, No. 34 Franconia Range, Mountain & Fir Trees” – From a Maine Collection

John Marin “Marin Island No. 1, Small Point, Maine” – From a Maine Collection

Heywood Hardy “The First of November” (24″ x 33-1/2″)

Heywood Hardy “Preparing for the Hunt” (18″ x 27″)

Heywood Hardy

Gertrude Fiske

James Buttersworth (Unsgd)

Elisha Taylor Baker

Antonio Jacobsen

William Davis

“Carrie Reed” Kennebec, ME Approaching Boston Harbor

Brian Coole

Arthur Quarterly

Louis Aston Knight

John Fabian Carlson

Micah Williams

Micah Williams

Sir Henry Raeburn Portrait of John Balfour

Jean Gabriel Domergue

Olaf Weighorst

Olaf Wieghorst

Olaf Wieghorst

Olaf Wieghorst

Jay Connaway

Marsden Hartley

Chauncey Ryder

David Johnson

Xanthus R. Smith

John F. Francis

Alvan Fisher

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Marsden Hartley

Henry Schakenberg

Gifford Beal

Louis Maurer

John Williamson

William Lester Stevens

Henry H. Brooks

William Trost Richards

George Armfield

George Luks

Johann Berthelsen

Johann Berthelsen

Robert D. Hunter

Sally Swatland

Edouard Leon Cortes

Prior/Hamblin School

Harold G. Stoner

E.C. Coats

Gulam Rasool Santosh

Cecil Kennedy (30″ x 25″)

Stephen Etnier

Jamini Roy

Narcisse Diaz de La Pena

Fern Coppedge

American School Catskill Scene

Antoine Emile Bourdelle

Italian School

Thomas Curtin

Stanley Woodward

H. Ballinger

Waldo Peirce

George F. Higgins

Marshall Johnson, Jr

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Waldo Peirce

Russell Cheney

Henry Ahl

Guy Pene Du Bois

William Tasker

Antonio Jacobsen

Marguerite Pearson

Unsigned House in Milbridge, Maine Circa 1860-1870

Alzira Pierce

Unsigned “Dr. Richardson’s House” North Bridgeton, Maine Circa 1880

Robert Emmett Owen

Everett L Warner

Aaron D. Shattuck

Thomas Worthington Whittredge

Edith Smith

Alfred C. Howland

Franklin D. Briscoe

John Whorf

Gabriel Metsu

William Lester Stevens

Seth Steward

Marcel Dyf

Charles D. Hayden

Carl Wuermer

Junius Allen

Junius Allen

Junius Allen

William James Glackens

Charles Ebert

William Robinson

George H. McCord

Edward W.D. Hamilton

Charles Ebert

Frank V. Dumond

John Adams Parker

Alfred Eisenstadt

Marguerite Stuber Pearson

Pair of James Pollard Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Pair of James Pollard Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Pair of John Sanderson-Wells Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Pair of John Sanderson-Wells Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Pair of Philip H. Rideout Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Pair of Philip H. Rideout Hunt Scenes (1 of 2)

Clifton Thomson “Carriage Horse”

Henry James Pidding

Leo Meissner

Walter Farndon

Jean-Jacques Henner

Chauncey Ryder

Attributed to Nicholas Ozanne

Howard R. Butler

Emile Bollee

Thomas Nadeau

Samuel Triscott

William R. Davis

Attributed to George Armfield

Attributed to Daniel Garber

Andre Gisson

Aiden L. Ripley

Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton

Peter Roos

John Whorf

John Whorf

Jane Peterson

Andre Gisson

Benjamin Champney

James G Tyler

Giorgio Cavallon

Josef Thoma

George Armfield

George Armfield

Dennis Boudreau

Bohdan Osyezka

Attributed to Rembrandt Peale

Lorenz Frolich

Albert Sterner

William Hart

Arnold Abner Newman

Abbott Fuller Graves

Andre Gisson

George Bruestle

Nicolaas Steffelaar

Andre Gisson

Gustav Jean Jacquet

Robert Vickery

Henry W. Ranger

Koo Schadler

Stow Wengenroth

John Joseph Enneking

Friedrich Gornik

John Folinsbee

Thomas Curtin

Theresa Berstein

Edmund Tschaggeny

Carl Sprinchorn

Richard Kimbel

John Swan

John Swan

Manner of John Constable

Antonio Jacobsen

William P. Stubbs

Attributed to Adelheid Dietrich

Gonzalo Ariza

Attributed To Thomas Sully

Frank Swift Chase

Folk Art Painting of Two Cats

Bernard Corey

Bernard Corey

Bernard Corey

George W. Drew

Edgar Hunt

Conde Wilson Hickok

Warren Sheppard

John J. Enneking

Arthur Vidal Diehl

Raoul Dufy

Guiseppe Falchetti

Large Signed Cows at the Watering Hole

James K. Bonnar

Thomas Curtin

Signed German School Oil On Canvas

Louis Icart

Louis Icart

Paul Caron

Eugene Carpentier

James Bonnar

Carl Peters

Carl Peters

Carl Peters

Jacob Greenleaf

Fritz Saliger

Important 3 volume set “Les Roses” by P.J. Redoute 1817, 1821 1824

Inlaid Federal Sideboard

Chippendale Ball and Claw Foot Desk

Tall Chest on Frame

French Sofa and Four Armchairs

Small Queen Anne Drop Leaf Table

Queen Anne Mahogany Lowboy

Three Part Hepplewhite Dining Table

Queen Anne Chairs

Early Portrait of a Lady

Early 19th C 155+-Piece Spode Floral Dinner Service

Antique Girondole Mirror

Outstanding Selection of Weathervanes

Attributed to Fiske & Co. (23″ h x 45-1/2″ l)

Attributed to Fiske & Co. (25″ h)

Harris & Co. Copper Cow

Attributed To A.L. Jewell & Co

Attributed to A.L. Jewell (42″ L)

Attributed To J.W. Fiske

Attributed to A.L. Jewell

Attributed To J.W. Fiske

Monumental, Rare & Important Standing “Mashamoquet” Indian Shooting Bow & Arrow Weathervane

Large Horse & Sulky Weathervane (52″ L)

Attributed to Washburn & Co

Small Eagle Weathervane

Attributed To Rochester Iron Works

Attributed to Cushing

Pointing Hand Weathervane

Attributed to A.L. Jewell

Small Gamecock Weathervane

Attributed to A.L. Jewell

Attributed to J.W. Fiske

Banner Weathervane

Rooster Weathervane

Extraordinarily Rare Gary Cooper Banner for the “Virginian” Circa 1929.

Believed to be the only one known

Rare Salesman Sample Canoes include earliest style Old Town Canoe circa 1915 and Exceedingly Rare E.M. White Canoe circa 1920

Rare Boston Queen Anne Walnut Corner Chair

Charles D’Autremont Family Baroque Inlaid Rosewood and Kingwood Desk

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury Printed For Andrew Crooke 1651 First Edition First Issue

Monumental Carved and Painted Reclining Lion

Queen Anne Maple Bonnet Top Highboy

American Carved Oak Tall Case Clock Dial Marked Tiffany & Co

Chippendale Secretary Bookcase

Baroque Nuremberg Cross

Egyptian Bronze of Isis & Horus

Wonderful Selection of Dedham Pottery

Stone Inlay Marble Top Console Table

Sheraton Mahogany Wing Chair

Camel-Back Chippendale Sofa

Boston Queen Anne Easy Chair

Wood and Iron Chandelier

Bowfront Chest

Tiger Maple Bed with John Needles Tag

Fine Semi-Antique Lavar Kirman Palace Carpet, South Persia

Pair of Life Size Cast Iron Dogs

Chippendale Carved Cherry Lowboy

Set of Four Fan Back Windsor Side Chairs in Black Paint

Federal Lolling Chair

Chippendale Walnut Spice Cabinet

Federal Mahogany Inlaid Pembsroke Table

New England Chippendale Maple Chest on Chest

Chippendale Walnut High Chest of Drawers

Mahogany Drop Leaf Table

Burlwalnut Secretaire

Queen Anne Maple Highboy

Carved Renaissance Court Sofa

Fine Ebonized Marquetry Escritoire and Matching Tall Chest

Fine Ebonized Marquetry Escritoire and Matching Tall Chest

George III Mahogany Cellaret

Queen Anne Open Armchair

Oak Bible Box

English slipper Stool

English Oak Court Cupboard

Miniature Painted Blanket Chest

Dutch Baroque Style Faux Tortoise Shell and Brass Mounted Wall Mirror

E. Howard Station Slave Clock

Banjo Clock

Aesthetic Movement Brass Shelf Clock

LXVI Style Gilt Barometer By Charles Biesse

Russian Gold Presentation Box

Lady’s Watch

Plique A Jour Russian Enamel Box

Group of Silver Boxes

Group of Battersea & Enamel Boxes

Group of Russian & European Enamel Boxes

Group of Russian & Eastern European Metal Boxes

Group Of 18 Miscellaneous Wood and Other Boxes

Four Piece Enamel Dessert Set

Hatbox with Patriotic Flag Top Hat and two Wallpaper Boxes

Folk Art Child’s Sled

Chalkware Cat

Carved Salmon Trophy Mounted on Display Board

Salmon Trophy Fish Carving on Plaque

Great Blue Heron Garden Sculpture

Gilt Harley Davidson Eagle Carved Sign

Byron Bruffee Carved Swordfish

Horse Head Trade Sign

Hand Carved 20th Century “John Dory” Fish Trade Sign

Fire Helmet Trade Sign

Carved Wood Half Hull with Wonderful Old Surface

Group of Three Advertising Posters Georges Redon: Theatre L’Opera, Palais De Glace, Saxoleine: Patrole De Surete

Large Framed Silk

Martin 6-String Guitar, CA 1886 w/ Coffin Case

Inlaid Violin Case

Paillard Swiss Dinner Model Cylinder Music Box with Original Table and 5 18″ 6 Tune Cylinders

Swiss Cylinder Music Box on Stand

Pair of Art Deco Figural Bear Bookends Signed Carlier

Miniature Attributed to Edward Green Malbone of Maj. Saunders

Miniature of Captain Michael Whitney

Two Hermes Handbags

Shaker Red Box with Contents

Travelling Writing Desk

Paint Decorated Bird Cage

Turned Wooded Covered Bowl in Original Red

Lalique “Mures” Vase

Two Lalique Bowls: 8″ Dahlia and 13″ Felix

Lalique “Chamarande” Vase

14 Pieces of Tiffany Stem Goblets and Compotes

Tiffany & Co

Pottery Paint Decorated Tankard

Mirrored Sconce Reflectors

Sailor Made Macrame Frame

Two Books: Peloponnesian War – Thucydides 2nd Edition & Gibbons History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 3rd Edition

Andrews 18″ Terrestrial Globe on Stand

Silver & Gold Belt Buckle with Three Gold Coins

Cowry Shell and Beadwork Trappings

Turquoise and Coral Jewelry and Belt Buckle

Grouping of Native American Silver and Turquoise Jewelry

Signed Yazzie Navajo Rug by Philomena Yazzie

Fine Navajo “Two Grey Hills” Rug Woven By Bessie Many Goats

Puppies at Play Hooked Rug

Folk Art Hooked Rug of a House

Rare Antique Turkish Prayer Rug

Fine Semi-Antique Kilim, Central Turkey

Two Fine Antique Kazak Rugs, Central Caucasus

Two Fine Antique Kazak Rugs, Central Caucasus

Bijar Oriental Carpet, Northwest Persia

Yomud Oriental Rug, West Turkmenistan

Fine Bijar Corridor Rug, Northwest Persia

Semi-Antique Tabriz Mirror Scenic Rug, Central Persia

Semi-Antique Shirvan Rug, Southern Persia

Collection of Toys & Still Banks from the Outstanding Estate of Morris Racker

Ives Suffragette Toy

Mercer Race About Model

1929 Bentley Model

Mechanical Bank Panorama

Cast Iron Pull Toy Buffalo

Cast Iron Arcade Buick (Blue)

Tin Voison Blue Torpedo Car

Automaton Vichy Black Banjo Player

Bleriot Airplane Model

Clockwork Automaton

Rare & Fine Congressional Presentation Sword to Hero of Battle of Plattsburgh Fought on Lake Champlain, September 11, 1814, the Most Decisive Naval Battle in US History to That Date

Extremely Rare 12th Virginia Cavalry Confederate Slouch Hat

Framed Map of New York

“George Armstrong Custer, 10-line ANS (autograph note signed) as Civil War Brigadier General, March 19, 1864”, fine archival framing with accessories

Unique and Important Inscribed Silver Mounted Revolutionary War Era American Stocked Officer’s Fusil of “John Glen, Jr.”, Prominent 18th Century New York Patriot

Very Rare “United States” Branded Revolutionary War Model 1763 Charleville Musket, The First Marked US Musket

1841 Model 41 Naval Officer’s Sword Inscribed “H. Tingey Wingate U.S.N.” From the Livingston Estate Collection of Long Island, New York

Jeannette Arctic Trial Medal

US Navy War of 1812 Boarding Axe

Pair of Rare Mexican War Veteran Badges of 8th US Infantry

Collection of Powder Testers

G.A. Putnam Lot

1676 Chirurgical Treatises

Lot of two American Long Guns

Set of Four 1770 French Maps Engraved by Charles Louis Desnos

Thirteen Star Civil War Era American Flag

Very Fine American Cherrywood Gripped Revolutionary War Hanger

Chinese Painting Table, Qing Dynasty

Large Cloisonne Hu Vase (13-1/2″ h)

Qing Dynasty Jade Covered Vase

Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita “A Book of Cats”

18th/19th C Korean Inlaid Iron Censer

Porcelain Plaque with Man and Child

Monumental Celadon Vase (24″ h)

Chinese Carved Rosewood & Teak Marble Top Console Table

Pair of Miniature Garden Seats

Extensive Famille Rose Porcelain Dinner Service

Pr of 19th Century Chinese Export Famille Rose Floor Vases (35-1/2″ h)

Chinese Carved Six Panel Dressing Screen w/ Tile Inserts

Jadeite Jade Bracelet with GIA Certificate

Four Piece Tea Service

Jade and Hardwood Scepter

Scroll Painting

Large Scroll Painting of Lohan

Jade Boulder

Jadeite Carving of a Maiden

Qinggbai Glazed Porcelain Dish

Three Yixing Pottery Teapots

Zhang Yi

Hachiro Nakagawa

Cased Book on Japanese Art

Scroll Painting of Cockerel

Scroll Painting

Pewter Encased Yixing Pottery Teapot

Pair of Rose Medallion Barrel Form Garden Seats

Framed Porcelain Tile

Set of Four Porcelain Plaques

Pair of Celadon Glazed Planters

Man’s Jadeite Ring

Jadeite Pendant with Tiger

14kt Gold Lavender Jadeite Suite

Blue Glaze Shallow Bowl

Porcelain Bottle Vase

Jade Bowl with Stand

Porcelain Bottle Vase

Japanese Cloisonne Vase

Japanese Cloisonne Vase with White Dove

Large Japanese Tapestry with Phoenix and Lion

After Zhang Daqian

Jade & Hardstone Plaque

18th Century Chinese Painting

Celadon Scroll Weight

Group of Boxes & Inro

Large Group of Asian Bronzes & Metalware

Large Group of Tibetan Objects

Pair of Bronze Foo Dogs

Pair of Horseshoe Back Armchairs

Altar Table

Chinese Carved Display Cabinet

Blue/Green Celadon Footed Shallow Bowl

Japanese Bronze

Stone Inlay Silver Covered Box with Jade

Jade Covered Box

Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box

Brush Pot

Scroll Painting after Yang Zhi

S. Kirk & Son Coin Silver Tea Set

Three Piece Kirk & Sons Architectural Tea Set

Silver Charger

Silver Tea Caddy by John Wakelin and William Taylor

Gorham Chantilly Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware

Pair of Victorian Scottish Silver Dishes

74 Piece Sterling English Flatware Set

Art Nouveau Silver Footed Tray by Ramsden and Carr

Repousse Renaissance Silver Bowl

Silver Shallow Bowl

S. Kirk Sterling Silver

Impressive Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee Service by Tetard Freres

Kirk & Son Coin Silver Water Pitcher

5-Piece Tea Set with Small Salver

Two Handled Loving Cup

Boston Coin Silver Porringer

Five Piece Sterling Silver Tea Set Marked Gebelein Boston

Birmingham 1893 Sterling Silver Fish Serving Service