Outstanding Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Chandelier

(Est. $100,000-$150,000)

Extremely Rare 32″ Tiffany Dogwood Floor Lamp

Est. $100,000-$150,000)

Tiffany Studios Lotus lamp

(Est. $60,000-$80,000)

Tiffany Studios 18″ Peony table lamp

(Est. $35,000-$55,000)

Tiffany Studios Turtleback on pineapple blown out base

(Est. $30,000-$50,000)

Tiffany Studios Clematis chandelier

(Est. $40,000-$60,000)

Very rare 36-1/2″ Tiffany Mosaic Peacock shade w/fixture

(Est. $40,000-$60,000)

Tiffany Studios 12-lite lily/stalactite hanging fixture

(Est. 10,000-$15,000)

Tiffany Studios dogwood table lamp

(Est. $30,000-$50,000)

Tiffany Studios Tulip table lamp

(Est. $20,000-$30,000)

Tiffany Studios Roman table lamp

(Est. $20,000-$30,000)

Tiffany Studios Daffodil lamp w/favrile candlestick base

(Est. $30,000-$50,000)

Tiffany Studios Mermaid/Nautilus Lamp

Tiffany Studios Lamp

Tiffany stalactite pendant hanger

Tiffany Studios Jeweled Turtleback Desk Lamp

Tiffany stalactite pendant hanger

Tiffany & Co sterling silver Turtleback Box

Pair of R. Lalique Champs-Elysees plafonnier

(Marcilhac #2467 )

Cristal Lalique Lustre Monaco Chandelier

3 Tiffany Studios abalone desk items

Pr Tiffany Studios bronze candleholders

Piano lamp with Daum Nancy Cameo Shade

Tiffany Studios 20″ Dragonfly

Tiffany Studios 14″ Tulip

Exceptional Tiffany Studios 22″ Dogwood

(Formerly Robert Koch Collection)

Tiffany Studios Arrowroot

Tiffany Studios Black-Eyed Susan

Tiffany Tulip w/Favrile base

Tiffany turtleback prism hanger

Tiffany Studios Dragonfly

Tiffany Studios Pansy on #394 base

Tiffany Studios Waved Ribbon

Tiffany Studios 22″ Drophead Dragonfly

Tiffany 14″ Dragonfly

Tiffany Colonial

Tiffany Fleur de Lis

Tiffany Fleur de Lis

Tiffany Studios Colonial shade on urn base

Tiffany Pansy lamp w/favrile base

LCT flower form

Tiffany Studios decorated vase from a Maine home

Tiffany decorated blue vase

Tiffany Decorated vase “o8775”

Tiffany Decorated vase “o5738”

Tiffany Decorated vase “o7567”

Tiffany decorated humidor

Tiffany blue decorated vase

Tiffany blue favrile

Tiffany decorated

Tiffany decorated vase

Tiffany decorated vase (Rudd Collection)

Tiffany decorated cabinet vase

Tiffany decorated vase

Tiffany Favrile decorated punch bowl

Tiffany Favrile paperweight bowl

American leaded glass window (attr Tiffany)


Duffner & Kimberly Nasturtium border

Attributed to Duffner & Kimberly

Handel leaded rose

Duffner & Kimberly Water Lily

Duffner & Kimberly Water Hyacinth

Duffner & Kimberly

Handel Rose Border

Attr Whaley table lamp

Leaded floral on Handel base


Duffner & Kimberly Water Lily

Suess Grape base as seen in the 1906 catalog

Tiffany Studios Wisteria Window

(Est. $100,000-$150,000)

Tiffany Studios Dogwood Tree Window

(Est. $50,000-$70,000)

Tiffany Studios Prism Floor Lamp

(Est. $10,000-$15,000)

Tiffany Studios Grape Trellis Sample

(Est. $10,000-$15,000)

Handel Underwater

Tiffany Studios Black-Eyed Susan Chandelier

(est. $30,000-$40,000)

Tiffany Jeweled Dogwood

Tiffany Studios Blown-out Turtleback Globe

(Est. $15,000-$25,000)

Tiffany Geometric

Tiffany Colonial

Tiffany Linenfold

Tiffany Studios 2-Lite Damascene Lamp

Tiffany Mushroom on Scroll Base

Tiffany ribbed Damascene Desk Lamp

Tiffany C/B Desk Lamp w/ LCT shade

Tiffany 4-Lite Tulip Lamp

Tiffany Studios Blown-out Lamp

Tiffany Turtleback chandelier

Tiffany Woodbine

Tiffany Turtleback lamp

Rare Tiffany Favrile Peacock base

Tiffany Jewel Feather

Tiffany Geometric

Tiffany Woodbine

Tiffany adjustable 3-light lily

Tiffany Acorn

Tiffany Favrile

Tiffany Geometric

Tiffany Swirling Leaf

Tiffany Woodbine

Tiffany Acorn

Tiffany 3-light lily

Tiffany Turtleback desk lamp

Tiffany Damascene

Tiffany 3-light lily piano lamp

Steuben Intarsia shade on Tiffany base

Tiffany 3-light lily

Tiffany Favrile Cypriot vase

R. Lalique Ceylon

Tiffany & Co Sterling Coffee Server w/stand warmer

A small sample of 200 lots to be offered from the Estate of Lynda Cunningham- UNRESERVED!

Tiffany Studios 12-light Candelabra

Tiffany Studios 6-arm Blownout Candelabra

Tiffany Studios 4-arm Blownout Candelabra

Tiffany Studios Bamboo sticks with LCT shades

Tiffany Studios 4-arm w/ favrile cups

Tiffany Studios Bamboo sticks w/LCT gold shades

Tiffany Jeweled Tripod w/favrile shade

Tiffany bronze/favrile with LCT shade

Tiffany Studios

Tiffany Studios Peacock Mirror #896

Rare Tiffany Studios Reticulated Inkwell

Rare Tiffany Studios Reticulated Inkwell

Tiffany Mosaic candlelamp

Rare Tiffany reticulated inkwell

Tiffany Studios mosque

Tiffany Studios Jeweled 8-arm Candelabra

Lot of 3 Tiffany Blown-out Sticks

Pr of Tiffany Studios Sticks w/Gold LCT shades

Pr of Tiffany Studios Wild Carrot Blown-out Sticks

Tiffany Studios Jeweled Tripod Candlestick

Tiffany Studios 3-lite Adjustable Candle Holder with LCT pulled feather shades

Tiffany Studios Art Nouveau inkwell

Tiffany Studios bronze candlesticks

Tiffany Studios Jeweled 3-lite Adjustable Candlestick

Pr Tiffany Studios 3-arm candelabras

Tiffany Studios #454 Turtleback base with Turtleback Shield shade

Tiffany Studios #1202 candle holder w/LCT gold shade

Tiffany Studios #1229 Jeweled Root Candlestick

Tiffany Studios Jeweled Candle holder w/LCT shade

Pr Tiffany Studios #1323 Blown-out Candlesticks

Pr Tiffany Studios #1316 blown-out w/Jeweled base

Rare Tiffany #411 Tyler Turtleback Balance lamp

Tiffany Studios tripod/blown-out Candlestick

Tiffany Studios #1207 Universal Swing candle holder

Tiffany Studios #1234 2-lite Candle Holder

4 Tiffany bronze paperweights

Tiffany Art Deco rocker blotter

3 Tiffany tray sets (4 per set)

Tiffany Studios Grapevine Desk set

Tiffany Pine Needle

Tiffany Pine Needle

Tiffany Grape Vine frames

Tiffany Grape Vine

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Frames

3 Tiffany bronze bookends

Tiffany Studios Pine Needle Desk Set

Tiffany flower inkwell

12 pcs of Tiffany desk accessories

Misc lot of Tiffany candlestick parts

Misc lot of Tiffany lamp parts

Steven Stelz Landscape Plaque

Steven Stelz Landscape Plaque

Steven Stelz Landscape Plaque

L.C.T. pulled feather mosque shade

5 LCT gold favrile shades

2 LCT pulled feather shades

3 LCT art glass shades

2 Loetz/Austrian art glass shades

Steuben shade w/intarsia border

Asst Tiffany turtlebacks, tiles and prisms

3 LCT art glass shades

Pulled feather art glass shades

Quezal art glass shades

Art glass shades

Pulled feather art glass shades

Handel metal overlay shade

Handel Underwater w/Mermaid base

Pairpoint Puffy Grape

Handel scenic

Handel reverse peacock

Handel reverse & obverse scenic

Handel scenic

Handel Moonlit Harbor scene

Handel Birds in Flight

Handel Parrot globe

Pairpoint reverse painted Seagull lamp

Pairpoint Windmill

Pairpoint Puffy Poppy

Jefferson Poppy

Pairpoint Venice Rose

Moe Bridges

Daum, Galle, Rousseau, Tiffany, B&S and more

Daum Nancy wheat vase (ex-Pinhaus Collection)

Daum Nancy spring scene vase

Daum Nancy Dutch handled vase (tulips on reverse)

Daum pine cone

Daum Impressionistic floral vase

Daum Nancy cameo vase

Daum enameled vase

Daum Peacock vase

Daum Nancy martele/firepolished floral vase

Galle cameo pitcher

G. Argy Rousseu floral coupe

B&S floral vase

B&S floral vase

B&S Mythological vase

B&S floral vase

Daum Nancy Swan Vase

Daum Nancy Winter Scene Cameo Lamp

Daum Nancy peacock vase

Daum Nancy Cameo Scenic Lamp

Early Daum Nancy ‘Glassblower’ vase c.1894

Daum Nancy swan vase

Daum Nancy rain scene tumbler

Daum Nancy rain scene vase

Daum Nancy rain scene square vase

Daum Nancy rain scene tray

Daum Nancy winter scene tray

Daum Nancy winter scene basket

Tall Daum Nancy winter scene vase

Daum Nancy winter scene short collar vase

Tall Daum Nancy winter scene vase

Daum Nancy winter scene tumbler

Daum Nancy winter scene pillow vase

Tall Daum Nancy winter scene vase

Daum Nancy vide pouche

Daum autumn

Daum padded & wheel-carved

Scarce Daum applied snail vase


Daum winter scene

Daum cameo & enamel vase

4-layer Galle cameo beetle vase

Galle orchid

Burgun & Schverer

Burgun & Schverer cameo vase

Le Verre Francaus Coprins ewer

Lamartine cameo & enamel vase


G. Arry-Rousseau Framed Roses vase

Argy-Rousseau Roses covered box (Rudd Collection)

Almeric Walter pate de verre bird

G. Argy Rousseau Masks vase

6 Majorelle dining chairs

4 Majorelle dining chairs

Art Nouveau carved lady’s boudoir chair by Galliard

Majorelle Art Nouveau dressing table

Art Nouveau marquetry 2-tier side table by Emile Galle

Art Nouveau maquetry 2-tier side table by Emile Galle

Art Nouveau marquetry 2-tier side table by Emile Galle

Majorelle Art Nouveau mirror & console

Art Nouveau carved Majorelle dressing screen

Majorelle Art Nouveau marble top sideboard

Art Nouveau carved mahogany 3-tier etagere by Gaillard

Art Nouveau etagere Attributed to Eugene Gaillard

Pr Majorelle wall shelves

Majorelle Art Nouveau walnut banquet table

Jallot Art Nouveau carved side table

Galle Art Nouveau marquetry set of quattro tables

Emile Andre Art Nouveau mahogany writing desk

Jules Cayette Art Nouveau mahogany and brass fireplace surround

Art Nouveau peacock center table

Fine Selection of Amphora

Gurschner & Loetz table lamp

French Art Deco

Loetz silver overlay

Loetz silver overlay

R. Lalique Source de la Fontaine “Melite”

R. Lalique Tourbillons

R. Lalique items

R. Lalique Felix platter

R. Lalique Hirondelle mascot

R. Lalique Lievres

R. Lalique Ceylan

R. Lalique

Steuben Moss Agate chandelier with 15″ tall shade!

(Estimate $6,000-$8,000)

Quezal Jack in the Pulpit

Lot of Tiffany Turtleback Tiles

LCT blue favrile bowl

Quezal footed bowl

Quezal King Tut vase

Quezal Flower Form Vase

Steuben Cluthra Vase

Steuben plum jade ACB vase

Steuben Green Stump Vase

Steuben plum tree trunk vase

Steuben Stump Vase

Quezal decorated vase (Rudd Collection)

Quezal decorated vase (Rudd Collection)

Steuben green aurene

Quezal decorated vase

Quezal decorated vase

Attributed to Kew Blas


Stevens & Williams silveria vase

Pr Steuben ACB vases

Webb cameo owl perfume


Webb 3-layer vase

Webb swan head scent bottle

Webb cameo glass scent bottle

Cultured pearl necklace w/gem set clasp

Silver 18kt yellow gold sapphire & gemstone bracelet

Man’s Breitling watch w/orig box & ppwk

10.02ct Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond ring w/GIA Cert

Platinum Jadeite & Diamond ring

2.26ct Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond ring

18kt Tiffany & Co Diamond & Ruby brooch

18kt Corum Lady’s Swiss watch w/diamond bezel

Diamond pendant

18kt Diamond & Multi-gemstone bracelet

14kt 3-Diamond ring w/accents

5-stone Diamond ring

7.0ct Sapphire & Diamond ring

9ct Ruby & Diamond ring

Cartier Diamond & Emerald Ring

Ruby & Diamond bypass ring

Platinum Art Deco ring

Platinum & Diamond ring

Emerald & Diamond bypass ring

18kt Moonstone & Diamond ring

Platinum & Diamond ring

18kt tri-color gold & diamond ring

14kt Lady’s 1.20ct solitaire

14kt Diamond solitaire

Platinum & Diamond ring

18kt Gold & Enamel bracelet

Lady’s Sapphire & Diamond bracelet

Ruby & Diamond rose gold bracelet

18kt Emerald & Diamond bracelet

Rare Red Emerald & Sapphire bracelet

Burmese Ruby line bracelet

Gold & Gemstone martele bracelet

18kt Gold & Gemstone cuff bracelet

Ruby & Diamond earrings

Emerald & Diamond earrings

Pr Emerald & Diamond Earrings

18kt Sapphire & Ruby earrings

18kt 2-tone Diamond earrings

Emerald & Diamond necklace

Freshwater Barouque pearl suite

Gold & Gemstone snake necklace

Gold & Diamond enamel egg necklace

Somers Studio Contemporary Peony table lamp

Somers Studio Contemporary window